The white door Review: Advanterous Touch Arcade

If you’re a usual reader of Touch Arcade. You would have listened to us singing the praises of developer Rusty Lake. Rusty Lake is accountable for an enormous ten Cube Escape puzzle game.

Three titles in the deeper, additional point-and-click style Rusty Lake series. All they do is of an attractively high level of quality and has their very sole and sinister signature style.

So when they begin teasing a new project way rear in March of last year. It was perceptibly an exit from their previous work.

They even found an in-house bring-out label called Second Maze. It would serve as the home for this step outside of their soothe zone. 

This past August it was finally exposed that the new project was called The White Door. The game starts on iOS, Android, and desktop.

If you’re a hardcore Rusty Lake fan, you need to go into The White Door expectant. It impressive quite a bit diverse from what you’re used to.

If you’re expecting more of the same then you’ll likely be saddened. If you have an open mind to a little news I think you’ll find yet another far-fetched experience.

The White Door is more akin to an interactive visual novel that takes place concurrently on two different screens. That is forever offering two different viewpoints on what’s happening.

It centers around a man named Robert Hill, who eagle-eyed fans may recognize as a bit character in previous games.

He wakes up in a Mental Health facility with no memory of what’s going on. It’s your job to try and stick to the boring regimen of each day expectantly find a way to help him.

Help him summon up his memories and bring the color back into Robert’s life.

The White Door features less importance on conventional item-based puzzles. Unlike previous Rusty Lake games, but the present is plenty to figure out in terms of riddles and brain teasers.

The illuminating style of the graphics has a proverbial experience however, it’s much cleaner and less macabre as in earlier games.

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There’s also not quite the component of horror if you could call it that,

than preceding Rusty Lake games have, but there’s still that “disconcerting” feeling to the game that makes it incontrovertibly a Rusty Lake release.

I feel a little silly put side by side it to previous Rusty Lake games when these folks went out and released it under the wholly new Second Maze label to make confident people knew it was impressive different than the norm,

but I also think it’s imperative to know what to expect from

The White Door and with the right prospect there is a lot to fall in love with here. 

The white door 2
The White Door Review

As the developers have piercing out on their blog, they’ve surely received some mixed reactions to The White Door since its release.

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For those that aren’t dig how dissimilar it is, they disclose that they actually had four different projects in the works at once, and so if The White Door wasn’t quite your cup of tea then there will be plenty more of “the old stuff” on the way too, so doesn’t worry.

I for one am digging this alter of pace and, while I positively want to see more of that old stuff myself.

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I also would love to see even more experimental releases under the Second Maze label. As it’s obvious that there’s some astonishing talent at Rusty Lake and it would be a shame to imprison them in one specific area.

If you’re ready to knowledge an emotional tale with a sole split-screen viewpoint, definitely think of giving The White Door a shot whether you’re a fan of preceding Rusty Lake games or are new to them in total.

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