Top 5 Survival Games To Play On PC

There’s something hidden in our psyche that needs to test our mettle against different kinds of pressures and survival games are the answers.

Whether a player likes crafting unique items, building epic bases, or killing dangerous creatures, this genre has it all.

The thrill of dropping down into harsh, unforgiving environments with nothing but clothes is truly breathtaking.

Here is a list of the best survival games to charge up instincts and feel the adrenaline rush.



The Grounded Developed by Obsidian Entertainment and published by Xbox Game Studios, this title features a vast, beautiful and dangerous world where players are shrunk to the size of an ant.

Build epic bases, fight hordes of giant insects, and uncover the secrets lurking in the shadows. The player can either choose to face the backyard alone or with up to three online friends.

Craft weapons, tools, and armor to survive the surroundings and return home. Grounded got nominated for Innovation in Accessibility at The Game Awards 2020.

It received praise for the artificial intelligence of insects and the storyline.

Stranded Deep

Stranded Deep

The Australian studio Beam Team Games ensured that Stranded Deep stands out from the rest of the survival games.

It follows the story of a plane crash survivor who encounters some of the most life-threatening scenarios.

The gameplay revolves around health, hunger, thirst, and sunstroke. It features tools like spears, axes, bows, and spearguns that the player needs to use to hunt or fish.

Customize a raft, build a house, unlock skills, explore the sea, manage a farm, and fight bosses in this epic game.

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Frostpunk It is not only about individual survival but the survival of the last city on earth! As a ruler, it is the player’s job to make critical decisions concerning citizens and infrastructure.

This game is tense, gripping, and often stressful, filled with unthinkable choices.

Establish laws, determine the path of troubled citizens, spearhead technological progress, gather valuable intel, and explore 8 distinct terrains.

It won “Strategy Title of the Year” at the Australian Game Awards 2018 and sold over 250K copies within three days of release.

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DayZ is A hardcore open-world game developed by Bohemia Interactive where players need to safeguard themselves from the infected zombie population.

The main aspect of this game is that there are no checkpoints adding to the thrill. If a player dies, everything is lost and the game starts again.

It features authentic mechanics like hunting, crafting, building, health preservation, and resource management.

Make friends, kill on sight, have emotional interactions, explore a variety of beautiful landscapes, and get betrayed.

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The Forest

The Forest

The battle to stay alive against a society of cannibalistic mutants in a mysterious forest.

Build and explore in this survival game that combines the excitement of scavenging food to live another day with eerie horrific aspects.

Chop down trees, start a fire, build a shelter, lay traps/defenses, craft weapons/tools, and use stealth to evade enemies.

The Forest game sold over 5.3 million copies and received praise for the dark-enticing storyline.

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