Resident Evil 3 Review: Deadly Setup & Spooky Foes

Capcom developed and published a survival horror video game Resident Evil 3. The players control protagonist Jill Valentine and mercenary Carlos Oliveira. The aim is to find a vaccine and escape from a viral bioweapon-infected city. One plays it from an over-the-shoulder, third-person perspective.

The work put into building the compelling narrative, tense atmosphere, and graphics totally stands out. It is one of the best PS4/PS5 games available in the market as it does an amazing job of recapturing the tension of the first game in the series.

Completely renovating its gameplay mechanics. There isn’t one dull moment throughout the six-odd hours of RE3’s run time.

The level of fear and carnage that this title delivers cannot be put into words. A world with flickering neon signs, burning icky storefronts, eerily empty industrial spaces, and filthy zombies.

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There may be times when the players jump off frightened by their own shadow. It presents the Nemesis, a relentless hunter that follows each step a player takes and appears from time to time to eliminate their character.

He is powerful and can take down hordes of people with a single shot. There are many monsters as well that emerge surprisingly to engage in fatal battles.

resident evil 3 review
Resident evil Gameplay Review

The title looks and sounds phenomenal, particularly on a 4K HDR setup. From the crunch of objects to the rattling of chainlink fences to the subtle skittering, everything feels breathtaking. It features multiple weapons, including combat knives, firearms, and grenades.

One can upgrade these weapons with additional parts to improve the damage they cause. There is a health bar but the game encourages moving past without killing in higher levels as recovery items are scarce.

There are two completely new things added to the character mechanics, Jill can perform a dodge. Carlos has the ability to conduct melee attacks to startle opponents. The developers have put emphasis on item management.

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It is tempting to carry all the ammo but the player must remain mindful of the space available. One needs to rerun between spots several times to efficiently get through the challenges by collecting the right items at the right time.

The detailed level design is purpose-built for provoking waves of tension. Villains drip with cruelty as the player advances in this best-looking entry in the franchise to date.

It received generally favorable comments from critics. Some players stated that the first few hours are very effective but the game may seem to fall apart towards the end.

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Better written than its predecessor, the plot revolves more around moment-to-moment action than exploration. This is an attempt to swiftly place the franchise in the action-horror genre as RE4 featured more action than survival.

RE3 lays a good foundation for RE4 to take off astonishingly. Resident Evil 3 got nominated for Best Audio Design at The Game Awards 2020 and also 3.6 million copies were sold till January 2021.

A must-play title for gamers who like to experience a gorefest!

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