Mini Militia Review: A Free Mobile Video Game

Mini Militia – Doodle Army 2 is all about powerful multiplayer conflict!

Encounter with up to 6 players online on PC in this fun 2D cartoon-themed cross between Soldat and Halo, motivated by the original stickman shooter, Doodle Army.

Key features:

  • Online multiple players with up to 6 players
  • Spontaneous dual stick shooting controls with jetpack flight
  • Over 20 maps to travel around
  • An extensive range of modern and revolutionary weapon types
  • Offline endurance mode
  • Convention Avatars
  • Rocket boots for extended vertical minute
  • Double wield with hand guns
  • Zoom control on a variety of weapons
  • Melee assault
  • Increase health, ammo, accuracy from the store.
  • Guide with the Sarge and grind your skills in offline Training, Co-op, and Survival modes. Discharge a multitude of weapon types including the sniper, shotgun, and flamethrower.
Mini Militia 2
Mini Militia A Free Mobile Video Game

Features likely to explode online and local multiplayer warfare! Perceptive dual stick shooting controls. Open world maps utilizing rocket boots for the comprehensive vertical journey.

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Zoom control, melee attacks and dual wield ability with contemporary and advanced heavy-duty weapons and missiles. Play team support battles in this fun cartoon-themed cross between Soldat and Halo.


Doodle Army 2: Mini Militia is a 2D multiplayer battle game that challenges you to facade opponents from all over the world. There’s even the choice to join in with up to six different players logged on concurrently during online battles via mobile, or up to 12 via WiFi.

Gameplay is super easy to use: the virtual joystick that assists you to move your character is located on the left side of the screen and the aiming stick is to the right. Your weapon shoots robotically as long as you’re pointing at your target. So, all you have to do is be anxious about aiming.

Each prospect is fairly open-ended, there’s lots of space for you to travel around. You’ll have a bounty of space to move around and break out from your enemies whenever needed. There are also loads of weapons and grenades on each level.

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Doodle Army 2: Mini Militia is a multiplayer action game that proffers you fun battles, although the visuals are pretty essential. The best part about this game is that you can occupy yourself with up to 12 people using the same WiFi network.

Product description

Feature :

  1. Chats alternative route.
  2. Ranking enlightenment.
  3. Guidelines and actions.
  4. Mini militia tips and tricks | Conduct for mini militia 2017
  5. Tips&Tricks with Gameplay 2017 all chat orders
  6. MINI MILITIA Online expert Tips And Tricks 2017 !!
  7. DOODLE ARMY 2: Catacombs tips and behavior
  8. Chat tips in the App
  9. Concealed Tips.
  10. Undisclosed Tricks inside the game.

Mini Militia is an online and offline 2D shooter, unconstrained back in 2011 for iOS and 2015 for Android. According to reports, it was listed as one of the climax games in India for the year 2017.

Since its liberate, the game has got many updates that have introduced many innovative features to the game and one of such features is the capacity to play the game on LAN/Wi-Fi with your friends.

Local Game (LAN Game) is a characteristic for Mini Militia that allows you to tempt your friends and play with them on your local connection. You can produce your room and then request your friends so, you can have fun Mini Militia with them on your local connection.

The game becomes more pleasurable when you are with your friends.

How to play Mini Militia with acquaintances on LAN?

Initiate the Mini Militia game on your Android/iOS device.

Spout on Practice (Local).

Choose any game mode. e.g let’s say DeathMatch.

Opt for the LAN WIFI option.

Knock on Host to generate a Room.

The room will now be created and your friends will be capable to link you in the game if all of you are connected to the same Wi-Fi/LAN network.

Make sure that all of you are associated with the same Wi-Fi network.

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The person who creates the room will be the Admin and will have the skill to select the map, number of players, and time limit for the game.

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