How to play the Ring of Pain Game? (Gaming Guide)

Today’s topic is how to play the ring of pain game. This game is a card-based story game. First, you should know about the Ring of pain story. The story starts with you talking to a creepy yellow-colored monster. And then, you are sent to a dungeon and you then have to make your way through mazes that lead to rooms in which you will fight several strong monsters. This was an overview of the Ring Of pain Story, we will understand it in detail in a short while.  

Monsters: These creatures will attack you and when you kill them you can get their souls. Souls in this game act as a form of currency. Would recommend killing as many monsters as feasible.

How to play the Ring of Pain Game
  1. Mimic: These are treasure chests that hold incredible loot for your journey. Weapons, armor, boots, scrolls, spells, etc. Some mimics need to be fed souls to open. The reason why killing monsters is recommended is that the better loot is in the mimic that needs souls.
  2. Treasure: These act just like mimics. However, unlike mimics, they do not cost souls.
  3. Shuffle: This item allows you to shuffle cards mid-battle. If you have a bad card set this around, you can just use shuffle and might get better cards.
  4. Potions: These come in sizes of small and large. If you have played Pokemon you would know how crucial potions are the same applies here. If you are low on health, these can be very convenient.
  5. Stat boosts: There are several types of stat boosts. Attack, defense, clarity, speed, crit, and dodge. Dodge gives you a chance to evade an attack. Crit gives you a chance to do a ton of damage. And clarity improves the chances of obtaining souls.

The goal of a match in this game is to complete the ring of pain. You will be sent into a maze and you have to find the exit gate. That gate will lead you to a special room that has a surprise. It would not be fun if you knew it. 

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Now, let’s talk about the ring of pain rooms. The ring of pain rooms is the final room that you will reach after you complete the maze. There are 14 types of rooms you will encounter.

Ambush: The only thing about this room is that you are put in an area with 5 monsters without any potions or anything.

Burial grounds: This is a bit more difficult than ambush for a beginner since this is the first place to spawn a plague bringer.

the Ring of Pain Game gaming guide

Fountain of Life: Heals 8 health in exchange for -1 max HP

The shine of neglect: Clicking on this shrine will make you lose a stat by 80%. It will choose the stat at random so be prepared.

Ravaged: You meet a guy named Sam. Kill him and take his crown.

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Dark for days: This escalated quickly in this room. You won’t get much in return for fighting those super strong monsters aside from the Quick Descent Achievement.

Sacrificial shrine: Like the shrine of Neglect, this shrine takes down your health and gives you hulk powers (+4 attack, +4 speed, -2 max health, +1 attack for consecutive attacks).

Instability: This is the most difficult level because of the sheer number of monsters and their levels.

Patience: This is the second easiest level with only 7 monsters.

A careful maneuver: The name clearly states that you need to be cautious. There are a ton of explosions in this room. So, better not move.

How to play the Ring of Pain Gameplay

Volatile: The last one had land mines but in this one, the monsters themselves blow up.

Companions: There’s a bunch of pets here that won’t hurt you. But no one is stopping you from hurting them for some free souls but you’ll be considered heartless

Crossroads: The crossroads has several exits to special rooms and one regular exit. Usually, a good choice to pick.

Reprieve: One phrase, “Nest of owls”.

Some of these Ring of pain rooms might kill you, solely because they exist.

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By now, you would have understood the ring of pain story, so, let’s look at some  Ring Of Pain tips and tricks you need to know

  • Health is also a mode of currency. To get more souls you need to take more damage. For example, if you were hit for 3 HP the soul you will be worth three soul points. Soul points is a fan-made term.
  • The game calculates all the money you have. Your health, abilities, everything.


This is was how to play the Ring of pain and some ring of pain tips and tricks. This will help you since now you know all the mechanics of the game good luck.

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