How AMD Advantage™ laptops provide a better gaming experience?

Want to experience gaming as you have never experienced before? AMD Advantage Gaming Laptops are here. This newly launched AMD is the tag that new laptops will be getting AMD advantage support. AMD is designed for high-performance gaming.

EVO is the certification program from Intel’s notebook. Any notebook that gains that certificate it’s certified on this platform & will not have poor performance in any aspect.

The difference between them is that EVO uses design specification while AMD advantage is a brand designed for high-performance.

AMD advantage promises that their laptops will have lots of things that will be taken care of in the coming years. The brand also promises a high frame rate gaming at 1080p which comprises 10 hours of video playback on a single charge.

For now, we can say that AMD advantage gaming laptops have 144Hz low latency display with support from AMD FreeSync Tech, IPS display, and to add-on even OLED options

With 300+nits of brightness and 100% sRGB NTSC coverage.

These powerful gaming laptops will be powered with Ryzen’s CPUs and with the support of their highly advanced Radeon graphics processors. AMD advantage’s design framework is very similar to EVO’s certification.

These powerful gaming laptops are known for being the sole design framework in the case of gaming laptops. AMD advantage is so confident of its product that they say to buy their products to experience an all-round performance and save your time and efforts.

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Features of AMD Advantage Gaming Laptops:

AMD Advantage Gaming Laptops

1- Intensified Accomplished Performance: AMD advantage uses a top-notch AMD Ryzen Processor and AMD Radeon graphics card allowing the users to experience a speed that’s immense and gives a quick response.

2- Remarkable Faster Response: With the Radeon Anti-Lag 2 and Radeon boost technology gamers witness highly responsive speed and faster gaming. The loading time of games and applications disappears. It’s purely action-connected.

3- Dynamic Visible Happiness: With AMD FeeSync bounty monitors in all the AMD advantage gaming laptops which make laptops blazing. Crystal obvious quality, and giant resolution. The next step in the gaming arena is powerful.

4- Born to Game: AMD advantage gaming laptops are meant to be gaming on high-performance processors. No matter how long a game is on, AMD laptops can handle it without any overheating.

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AMD Advantage Options:

In the market, there are two options available- ROG Strix G15/17 AMD advantage edition and The OMEN 16 laptop. Both of these variants are powered with AMD’s latest processor Radeon RX 6800M and RX 6600M GPUs.


AMD Advantage laptops India are fully focused on giving gamers the finest experience while gaming. It is heat resistant. It doesn’t pay much thinking to design, and it is non-frequency conversion.

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Using AMD Ryzen + Radeon on a single laptop unleashes unlimited possibilities including proper optimization to give you promised 10 hours of battery life. These laptops are tested in a heated atmosphere and even during gaming have been tested under 40 degrees celsius.

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