Patch For Halo Infinite’s Team Battle Fixes Almost Nothing For The Matchmaking Issue

Halo Infinite’s succession of big team battles has been witnessed with issues since the game’s release. Hotfix unfolded for Halo Infinite on January 19 with the motive to fix the game’s malfunctioning. 

The malfunction of the fix is affirmed by several players on Reddit and halo Twitter. Some even reported novel issues in the installation of the hotfix- comprising casual bursts of lag and unable to connect to game servers. As per Halo community director Brian Jarrard, the patch for Halo Infinite’s team battle fixes almost nothing as there are many BTB matchmaking issues in the classic multiplayer mode.

Also, he stated that 343 industries “is persisting to examine and while we believe there might be few minor improvements, matchmaking is not working as anticipated”. Due to regrets for prior issues with big team battle, 343 industries is bestowing every logged-in player 16 five Double XP boots and five challenge swaps between now and February.

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One of the complaints that players have for Halo Infinite is that a full game mode is unplayable. When the game was primarily released, players stated that the progression system was quite sluggish. Apart from that challenges did not even pay sufficient XP to advance thrillingly.

While those grumbles have been looked after with a challenge revamp, the game is still lagging major features. Halo update is ineffective without two significant Halo game modes: campaign co-op and forge. Both features are anticipated to launch in 2022 with the game’s multiplayer seasons. Campaign co-op is meant to be in the game’s second season and the forge will be prevalent in the game’s third season.

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