Halo Infinite: Where Is The Banshee Location In The Campaign

You may be contemplating how you can search for a flying vehicle in the Halo Infinite campaign, particularly the banshee location or the WASP. The Halo Infinite campaign is prevalent in the Zeta Halo Ring, an enormous semi-open world where players will have to travel across. One of the challenges that players will undergo is the restricted number of flying vehicles in the game. 

How to find banshee location in Campaign?

Firstly, you need to be in the third act of the campaign as a precondition. Remember that you cannot acquire the Banshee before this act. After you are there in Act 3, you will get hold of the banshee location in the Reformation region of the Zeta Halo ring.

After finishing the Pelican Down mission in this act, you will garner access to this specific region. You will get the covenant ship in the expelled strongholds and outposts. 

When you procure the ship, you can hijack them or pick it up from the parking ground. If you yearn to carry out the former, you will mostly need a grapplehook with you to hunt the Banshee into the air. we have also covered Halo Infinite: Assault Rifle guide in our halo infinite blog.

How to Traverse Banshees?

There are two approaches to getting in the Banshee. You can use the Grappleshot into the vehicle through the air and enter inside or jump right if they are lying on the ground. As such, there is no way to call upon a Banshee from the FOB terminals, but there is ample amount in the open world. You just need to jump into them when you bump into one along the way.

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The Halo Infinite campaign is present in the Zeta Halo Ring which is a wide semi-open world in which players will have to traverse. When traveling across the world or Halo Infinite, there are copious dynamic vehicles that you can spin around the Zeta Halo. One of the prominent and beloved Covenant Banshee ships is quite popular amongst the players. You can get the banshee location after being there in Act 3 in the Reformation region of the Zeta Halo ring. Don’t forget to successfully finish the Pelican Down mission to get access to this region. Follow any of the two approaches to get in the Banshee. It’s not tough to search the banshee location – players just keep your gusto, exhilaration, and perseverance high!

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