Is The Assault Rifle Good In Halo Infinite?

Halo assault rifle: Earlier it was the worst weapon and now it becomes the most classic weapon in Halo Infinite

Halo assault rifle is a big metal firehose that barfs out bullets in a vague direction of where you point it. It doesn’t function like a traditional, real-world AR. Halo assault rifle is not for precision.

Though In the Halo sandbox, you rarely need a big bullet hose. Spartans are difficult to crack and combat in Halo consists of trying to strip an opponent’s shields as soon as possible before landing a precision headshot. The Assault Rifle excels at neither.

Halo 2 excludes the Halo Assault rifle completely, replaced with an SMG which is specifically designed for the close-range shredder. Assault rifle come back in Halo 3, but by then it was all but irrelevant.

Despite all the bad rap, the Halo assault rifle is great to use! Let me explain, in terms of damage per shot, damage fall off, weapon spread, and such. Assault rifle is an all-rounder weapon – it can deal with damage more consistently. It is amazingly perfect for brilliant shooting!

Punish harder your enemy with Halo Infinite’s smart link. In addition to this with the increased movement speed of Halo Infinite, there’s a lot more value in a weapon that can reliably track enemies that are sprinting, sliding, and slinging themselves across the map.

Note: Smart links are aimed at down-sights so that you can see the distant enemies without increasing accuracy and even you don’t need to zoom at all.

Halo Infinite: Assault rifle
Halo Infinite: Assault rifle

Do you know what is the Assault Rifle in Halo Infinite?

The MA40 Assault rifle is an iconic part of Halo Infinite. It is the most basic gun in the entire game, but it is a key player because Halo wouldn’t be the same with it. In actuality, there is no real best weapon in Halo Infinite. As some weapons are meant for short-range and some are for long-range.

Assault rifle is a burst-fire weapon that defines how Halo plays, isn’t the head-bursting machine that it used to be. In the game, if you find yourself in a stressed situation then a Halo Assault rifle is the best option to use. And bassy sound feels more powerful than it deserves.

Halo Infinite is just incomplete without the timeless Assault Rifle. MA40 features are listed below:

  • High rate of fire 
  • 36 – Round Magazine
  • Decent handling

All these features make it a versatile close-range weapon. With its smart-link sights returning from Halo 5: Guardians, the Halo Infinite version of AR can be effective up to medium ranges.

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Top 5 Halo Infinite: Assault rifle 

  • Halo Infinite: The MA40 Assault Rifle
  • Combat Evolved: The MA5B Assault Rifle
  • Halo 4 And Halo 5: The MA5D Assault Rifle
  • Halo Reach: The MA37 Assault Rifle
  • Halo 3 & Halo 3 ODST: The MA5C Assault Rifle

Among them Do you want to know which Halo assault rifle is the best?

Mostly we know that MA40 Assault Rifle is the best as the new and improved version of the gun improves its range and accuracy. Surprisingly this new version of AR can pick off targets from a long-range distance in Infinite.

The modern assault rifle can take down opponent shields within seconds. Now in the Halo Infinite AR is a viable weapon instead of being a hassle or worst weapon. Finally, the Assault rifle is now getting the respect it deserves.

Halo 1’s assault rifle is a stunner -which makes the firing delight. Why you’ll pick any other weapon when Combat Evolved’s infamous pistol was a 3-tap at all ranges? Plus it is so good at killing swarms of Flood spores at later campaign levels.

Halo Infinite
Halo Infinite

MA5B Assault Rifle

MA5B assault rifle is good for close combat. As the range is very limited for this version, its firepower and ability to take down an Elite’s shield made up for these shortcomings.

You cant enjoy the Halo Infinite until you find the good gun, every respawn leaving you at an immediate disadvantage. The Battle Rifle is also great at long-range targets or those early-game long-range encounters. It is a starting weapon in Ranked Arena. Battle rifle fires in short bursts, but can strike the enemy shield in just 3 shots.

 Do you remember when the second game replace MA40 for the SMG? I threw all the weapons aside whenever I get the chance because no weapon can replace my darling assault rifle.

Also, know why is the Halo Assault Rifle so weak?

Earlier Assault Rifle is not good in terms of precision and does not deal enough damage. Plus it can’t knock down the protective shield of the foe in combat, has very slow kill time due to low damage, and gets dominated by any other weapon.

Undoubtedly I can say I enjoy the Halo Infinite thoroughly. And we have the assault rifle that feels great to use in the game. Feel like a powerful supersoldier from the moment you jump into the match. Halo Infinite figured out in just 20 years how to make its most iconic weapon.

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Halo assault rifle is such an iconic weapon making it replaceable with any other weapon in Halo infinite.No weapon is perfectly brilliant in the game. Some weapons are meant for the short-range and some for the long-range. And it also needs time and experience for expertise in using the particular weapon. Stay in touch for more gaming articles. Comment below if you have any queries or advice. Till then enjoy the game! 

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