PSA: Download The Halo Waypoint App To Keep Track Of Your Halo Infinite Statistics

Leading Halo Infinite’s release in December, developer 343 Industries is reminiscing players to install the Halo waypoint mobile app to remain up to date. The halo waypoint app release date was on the 12th of June 2015 with its update on 23rd November 2021. This free app is accessible on Android and iOS that enables players to track their Halo Infinite stats and characters customization.

The app is used to read the current Halo news and to assess player statistics for Halo 5: Guardians and Halo: The Master Chief Collection. Similar to the updated Halo waypoint website, the app displays your win/loss record, your highest rank, your death/kill ratio, and games played.

The app tracks succession for Halo: MCC’s seasonal rewards which make you aware of your golden chances for unlocking a novel cosmetic item. Halo Infinite was released on December 8 for Xbox One, PC, and Xbox Series X|S. The multiplayer aspect is free-to-play, and the campaign is contained with Xbox Game Pass. Microsoft rolled out a novel teaser video that depicts how Master Chief acquired his novel Grappleshot.

How to find that halo waypoint is down?

There is a support section on the Halo Waypoint website where players can check out common problems, patch notes, etc. This website has a page, particularly for Halo Infinite where identified issues will be depicted so that the fans are aware that their particular grievance is addressed. Thus, when Halo servers go down, you will certainly get few answers on the website.

Likewise, you can follow Halo support on Twitter to know about the latest problems of the server. The developers will generally keep all the updates on the page if a breakdown occurs during the beta. This is an effortless approach to find out whether the halo waypoint is down.

If you are looking for quick answers, then Downdetector is the most appropriate choice. This functional site supervises the server in real-time and provides you with a report of issues that happened the previous day. 

Halo waypoint codes

The halo waypoint codes are a set of codes given by members of forum moderators and 343i’s staff. They are redeemed from the Classified section of the Xbox 360 application and Waypoint website. The codes unlock exceptional Customizations for Halo 4’s Multiplayer like Emblems and Armor.

With some codes, you can acquire an XP bonus! Many codes necessitate the completion of missions in Spartan Ops before they are redeemed.

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