Doom Eternal Review: Stop The Final Destruction

The demons have invaded Earth and the fate of existence is in your hands. Be the slayer and embark on a journey packed with action. Stop the devastation of humanity before it’s too late. Doom Eternal game marks the next leap in push-forward, first-person combat gameplay.

The advanced suit that you wear as a slayer in the game consists of a shoulder-mounted flamethrower and a wrist-mounted killer blade. Moreover, you can upgrade guns and mods as well as double-dash.

Developed by id Software and published by Bethesda Softworks, Doom Eternal has been deemed as the best shooter game of the year.

The game requires you to survive through harsh environments by collecting health via glory kills, armor via incineration, and ammo via chainsawing evil.

Doom Eternal gameplay
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Extreme violence is splattered all over this experience. As it is the fifth main title in the series, you will encounter some old demons alongside a batch of new powerful ones.

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There is a multiplayer that enables 2 vs 1 fights between the doom slayer and demons. It is newly built from the ground up by the developers bringing forth a fine 3-round first-person combat.

Enjoy with your friends and feel the adrenaline rush in your body at the takedown. Doom eternal has a greater scope and clearer intent. It feels much better than its predecessors.

Every aspect of the game is fiercer than ever. A player can actually observe how badly a demon is injured by the amount of skin and skeleton blasted off.

You will admire the aspects like the speed and power at which the quest progresses.

How the gameplay encourages you to keep moving, the array of weapons to wield. And vigorous bosses that send chills down the spine.

The graphics are quite spectacular! Makers have done a good job on the Id Tech 7 game engine creating some amazing imagery that doesn’t make you feel seasick.

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Doom Eternal
Doom Eternal Gameplay Image Source

The music puts you in the right zone with its pulse-pounding effect. There are actually no bugs, even when a lot is happening at once. It may go a little slow at times but the constant brutal action hides it all well.

This gorgeously designed gorefest also engages you in some hardcore puzzle solving from time to time.

The solution is not that simple and the lack of hints makes it even more difficult. The combat and platforming characteristics of the game are meticulously tuned.

It is the momentum of the overall quest to conquer the demons that make Eternal a delight to relish for hours.

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The game rightfully earned the award of being the “Best PC Game” and the “Best Action Game” in 2019. Adding on this.

Doom Eternal is the ideal way to time if you want your body to be taken over by ecstasy. The ending can literally make you sweat, it is long, tiring, and full of excitement.

Just when people thought the power fantasy genre could not get better, this game surprised all with its play mechanics and in-depth visuals.

A must-play for all who love action-adventure. We wish you all the best. Hope you become a great slayer and save our beloved planet from dying!

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