Death Door Reaches 100,000 Players

This is the first time that the Death Door indie game has crossed the hundred thousand mark, within a week. Experts are calling it game of the year as the attention it is grabbing is overwhelming. Players are loving the cross between cuteness and action. There is a sweet spot at every turn.

The game is filled with quirks, humor, and the wondrous attention to detail places it apart from all the other similar games. It packs a good punch of adrenaline and excitement with a unique transcendent vibe. A parody of the greater Dark Souls universe. It is both grim and funny.

Acid Nerve’s last game Titan Souls did not garner the response developers expected. It got good reviews but it was nowhere near Death’s Blood. Some say that the adorable hop in the trailer before entering the door was the sole reason that led them to begin this adventure.

Death Door

The art style in the game is beautiful as the elements are made and placed amazingly well. It truly breathes life into this world. The makers proved themselves very capable of crafting interesting bosses that are well balanced and offer good competition to the black warrior.

The gameplay is around 8-10 hours long keeping the fun short, alive, and interesting. It does lack a map which would have come in handy when the player needs to acquire any ability. This indie game has the perfect music to set the mood for ongoing action. In case the player is just exploring, it matches a chill tone and the tempo increases exponentially during the boss fight.

There are awesome new items available throughout the quest. It is an invigorating feeling to find weapons like twin daggers and fireballs. The storyline is good with characters like Pothead charming the way on with funny jokes. This game is a simple mystery that packs stunning zeal.

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It can be a difficult game as the later sections tend to throw armies at your little warrior. The game is violent as Acid Nerve has programmed in controller shake every time steel connects with flesh. The deaths are simulated as bloody drops on the floor instead of smoke puffs.

The Death Door role-playing game may seem monotonous as reaping souls of the dead and punching a clock might not be your forte but it gets interesting as it proceeds. A soul is stolen and you must track down the thief to a realm untouched by death. The creatures here are big and filled with greed for power. A player quotes; “Anyone who loves dark adventures must give it a go”.

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The player base seems to be growing well for Death’s Blood as it zooms past 100,000. Venture beyond the doors and explore a land full of crooked inhabitants and infinite secrets. Track down and defeat colossal tyrants with stories and motivations of their own. Experience a comedic tale consisting of the truths behind the flow of souls. Utilize strong weapons, arrows, and magic to conquer demigods. Hop your way past this remarkably well-made epic action-adventure game.

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