11 Best Games of PS4 To Play in 2021 (November Update)

The Best Games of PS4 To Play in 2021 are the perfect package of the big-names from what Sony’s last-generation offered to the audience. Sony has worked day and night to strengthen the PS as the sole spot for top gamers.

 Right from Spiderman to The Last of Us till Bloodborne PS4 is a heavenly place to live in and play games like there is no tomorrow. Besides this, if you jump onto PS5, PS4 becomes the core backbone of your playing mechanism. So, here’s the ps4 games list which is the best games of ps4 to play.

Last of Us Part 2:

The last of us part is finally here, and it’s worth the wait for all the gamers. It was going to be disruptive as what the developers had intended. Ellie is now back with a new story that will bend your mind repeatedly with so many emotions jacking in.

The game comes sealed with brutal violence and with the most absorbing plotline of all time packed with emotional moments and mysteries that will leave you with thoughtful questions about this game.

Why Buy Last of Us Part 2?:

The Last of Us 2, using a huge and creative level of intelligence options in its stealth, combat skills, and in the Megamind enemies of both humans and infected varieties.

With enormous and big-budget graphics and brutal violence, it’s not a hard choice as to why The Last of Us 2 should be on your wishlist without a second thought.

Assassin’s Creed Valhalla:

Assassin’s Creed Valhalla is the latest addition to Ubisoft’s game cabinet in the action/stealth category. In this world, you will battle it out with the Eivor- a Viking warrior who is located in medieval England who at any cost wants to build a new home for his mighty clan.

You will get to explore various kinds of combative kingdoms, key targets to neutralize, battle out with threatening demons, Saxons.

Why Buy Assassin’s Creed Valhalla?:

Assassin’s Creed Valhalla with detailed graphics, audio quality, and an action-packed storyline with richer HDR colors and with a creamy frame rate shouldn’t slip away from your radar. 

God of War

Whenever we talk of the best games of ps4 to play, God of War simply cannot escape from the list. With a fresh breath of air, this action-packed God of War is breathtaking to play.

With Kratos in action, the game flashes in with moments of brutal violence, and this fast-paced action flow throughout the game smoothly. Now you are a freebie to explore the environment and unravel all of its secrets as this version contains so much layering to its plotline.

Puzzles in this version are clever, set-pieces impress you and Kratos character is round in structure specifically when it comes down to meeting his own son- Atreus. The game viewpoint angle looks superb from the scenes and the way combat scenes are being aligned is astonishing.

Why Buy God of War?:

A storyline with such immense action scenes, brutal combat, and creative puzzles should not slip under your nose at all! 

Horizon Zero Dawn:

This is the ps4 games list and horizon zero dawn is not in this checklist sorry not happening. Horizon Zero Dawn is an amazingly open-world game with an incredibly creative storyline, different kinds of puzzles, and challenges and with a ruthless protagonist, this is the game that sets a whole new level for gamers.

Set in a post-apocalyptic environment, the world has become lush again Horizon Zero Dawn kicks off with Aloy: pariah from her tribe, who with time being becomes the skilled master of bow and spear.

As she starts exploring the alarming environment around her, she gets to experience that she can be the savior of this world to change it for a good cause. 

Why Buy Horizon Zero Dawn?:

This magnum opus game is surely the best game of today’s generation which should be in your backpack of the best ps4 games 2021. 

Devil May Cry 5:

It’s 11 years since Devil May Cry 4 was released. Devil May Cry 5 tops the ps4 games list. DMC 5 is an urban style and a confident action-packed game that will satisfy gamers for a longer period of time.

Your character is Dante, Nero, and V who all are supernatural warriors who will fight nasty and colossal enemies with an impressive sequence of guns, swords, and platforming. In the early stages, you can find it difficult to handle but once you get the grip, the flow will be smooth.

Why Buy Devil May Cry 5?:

This latest addition’s gameplay is smooth and fascinating with high combos, bass-boosted original soundtrack, and more chance of success. DMC 5 is a handsomely rewarding gameplay experience. 

Red Dead Redemption 2:

The best PS4 game 2021 and Red Dead Redemption 2 are not on the ship. It is awful. It surely has to be aboard. Red Dead and its open western environment and people to meet, rob, kill are the classics of all-time to play on your PS4.

The environment looks so real that you can see morning mist walk-in, the sun breaking down the clouds. The opening scenes of the game are slow and boring to handle but it’s exceptional to live in such a beautiful world for months because there’s so much to unearth and discover in this game.

Why Buy Red Dead Redemption 2?:

A masterpiece game with a superb storyline and stunning graphics with a cowboy original soundtrack from Rockstar games is surely going into your bucket list. Isn’t it?

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Ghost of Tsushima:

It’s an open-environment action/stealth game with a plotline that is based on world history. Your character is Jin Sakai: a samurai who battles with the Mongols during the 13th-century invasion of Japan.

Ghost of Tsushima differs from other open-world games because of its amazing sword-fighting abilities. The combat in this game is monumental to play with lots and lots of tricks and techniques to equip, gadgets to use, and strategies to adapt and learn.

Why Buy Ghost of Tsushima?:

This game has its own unique fighting approach, and that is what makes this game different from others and way too powerful to experiment with.

Death Stranding:

Death Stranding is one of the best games to have rolled out for PS4. In this game, you take on Sam Bridges who is a supplier of essential items to survivors in the post-apocalyptic earth.

The Death Stranding unearths a series of extraordinary creatures, who question the life, death, nature of the power in this post-apocalyptic earth. This game’s gameplay is really creamy and smooth to handle. Traveling from one destination to another and building infrastructure makes your journey easy.

Why Buy Death Stranding?:

Its creamy gameplay, futuristic graphics, and storyline, and also how your character’s Sam delivers the supplies to others and his relationship with other non-player characters determine your fate in this game.

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Mortal Kombat 11:

Mortal Kombat is a game that we have known since our childhood era and its classical game. This new version of Mortal Kombat 11 holds a great storyline with hundreds of unlockable single-player rewards and planned one vs one fights.

Besides the superhero fights, we all have known Mortal Kombat for its super moves and tactics that we get to see in action while we are in the game. How quickly the opponent can kick you or how fast players can press the attack button these elements make Mortal Kombat 11 a super special game.

Why Buy Mortal Kombat 11?:

Mortal Kombat 11 comes with an action-packed storyline and with high-quality graphics that will engage gamers into the game never to look back.

Mass Effect (Legendary Edition):

The newly remastered version from Mass Effect Legendary Edition is truly majestic to watch and to play itself. If you are a newcomer in the Mass Effect series, then you have jumped into it at the perfect time.

Mass Effect Legendary Edition is a trilogy of sci-fi RPGs from the BioWare company. You have the ability to customize a military hero called Commander Shepard, recruit a whole new team of humans and aliens combined all from the entire galaxy.

Why Buy Mass Effect ?:

How the plotline of the game flows, solely depends on you as to whether you want to play it as a rule-abiding paragon or a vigilante renegade. With such a massive plotline and top-notch graphics, this game should be in your backpack forever.

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The Witcher 3- Wild Hunt:

If you love to view The Witcher on Netflix then spare time for yourself to check out The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt game on PS4. Toss a coin to your Witcher, O valley of Plenty! 

You have the magnum opus opportunity to play The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt on PS4 with stunning graphics and quality storyline and soundtrack. This game is set in the years after Geralt’s adventures as shown in the Netflix show.

Nilfgaard is planning another war on the Northern Realms and now Geralt has been called up to stop the threat from happening if he can track down his own way to Ciri first. 

Why  Buy The Witcher 3- Wild Hunt?:

With such a gripping plotline and magnificent graphics and original soundtrack, there cannot be a single reason why The Witcher 3 Wild Hunt shouldn’t be on your list! 

Final Verdict

After research and proper analysis, I have selected the 11 best PS4 games you should play. If you are in confusion about which games to play or buy, this top PS4 games list will surely guide you to select the perfect entertaining PS4 game for you that is worth your penny.

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