The best Animal Crossing codes for QRs and custom designs

New Horizons has been the game with the most content from the animal crossing series, with over 130 animal crossing design codes. With 100 locations to explore and over 10000 available items, and that is excluding the DLC expansion. We will discuss the best Animal crossing codes.

Animal Crossing codes

To be able to scan a QR code, you would need to:

  • Download the Nintendo Switch Online app 
  • Link it to your Nintendo account
  • Click on ‘Animal Crossing: New Horizons’ from the home screen
  • Select ‘Designs’
  • QR code scanner will pop-up and you can then scan your desired code

These animal crossing codes are a must-to-use. There are paths you can decorate, the paths in Animal crossing are areas you get access to. 

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The paths and their design codes are:

  • Stone Paths: For Mossy stones, there are Design ID: MO-BSNR-R840-CJ2W and MO-F8T8-S0F3-09KM. 

And for Black Cobblestone, Design ID: MO-S5F2-4W33-21NW.

Brick Paths: 

  • white bricks, there is Design ID: MO-SWMJ-XYXK-X5LS. 
  • Silver Bricks, Design ID: MO-R2Q5-0RV8-X9TX. 
  • Cream Bricks, Design ID: MO-81WW-K0PN-1DX2

Nature Paths: 

  • Pokémon grass, Design ID: MO-L04L-LG0P-L6NS. 
  • Turnip Soil, Design ID: MO-X422-K10S-YFHF. 
  • farm ground, Design ID: MO-QVKH-GJT0-W9BG.

Beachy Paths:

  • boardwalks, Creator ID: MA-6599-9965-4100. For piers, Custom Design: MO-31SY-MNMP-8W1T

Cute and funky Paths: 

  • pastel brick paths, Design ID: MO-XXGR-MCQ7-B8LJ. 
  • Pink brick, Design ID: MO-9L85-X376-C3RC. 
  • Candy-inspired path, Design ID: MO-RWJS-9NMS-1334. 
  • Purple galaxy paths, Design ID: MO-3CMY-0M03-6HM1. 
  • floral border top, Design ID: MO-3X5F-61M7-2B91. 
  • pink and teal brick, Design ID: MO-2MV6-FMB8-B37C.

These are some of the best animal crossing design codes. There are a lot more than just these, as we have mentioned, but these were the most commonly used ones.

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The animal crossing island codes or the dodo codes animal crossing offers to us to add other players to our world.

Animal Crossing codes

 A Dodo Code, the animal crossing will be obtained by talking to Orville inside the airlines and asking him for visitors and telling him that I want to allow my friends or any other player to visit my island. The code will be a 5 character code, comprising letters and numbers.

These codes are only made to make the game more fun and not to break it, so that’s why these animal crossing codes are not game-breaking. These are additional items and methods to improve the decorum of your world.

The animal crossing island codes were one of the best features added because even though you could use multiplayer in the previous games, by the time you would have known about it, you would have probably finished the theme.

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Animal Crossing New Horizons is one of the best games in its series. The animal crossing codes system just adds more exploring and variety to the game. 

So, the dodo code animal crossing has a nice use of a multiplayer system and in a game with so much content. It is an extraordinary experience to have.

Fans are making more and more new designs and sharing them every day for Animal Crossing: New Horizons. If you are looking for the best picture on your wall, perfect pattern for your town pathway then this blog has covered it all!

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