Battlefield 2042 Beta Release Date Leaked

Well, a listing on an Italian website, a tweet screenshot on Reddit, and a streamer have hinted that the beta of Battlefield 2042 will begin at the end of September’s first week or the beginning of the second.

While there is no official confirmation, most believe that one source can be wrong. But 3 of them stating a similar time is no coincidence.

Tom Henderson, a known name in the gaming world. He tweeted that the beta will take place on Sept 22, but we think it will occur sooner.

Gamers are excited as previous leaks have revealed that the title will feature near-future guns and gadgets.

The multiplayer-focused first-person shooter video game was developed by DICE. It’s published by Electronic Arts will be able to accommodate more players on a significantly vast map.

Several players are excited to get a taste of the latest entry in this fan-favorite franchise.

DICE conducted a close technical alpha between August 12-15 that spanned 5 sessions of 3 hours apiece.

A lot of footage was leaked despite the participants signing NDAs. It displayed awesome skirmishes on the field as well as incredible vehicular combat.

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With the largest development team ever for a Battlefield game, the title may become the best game of the year.

Moreover, EA has ensured early access to the beta for EA Play members. To those who buy one of the title’s many versions before it begins.

Battlefield 2042 Gameplay
Battlefield 2042 Gameplay

Note that, players who purchase Gold/Ultimate Edition will be entitled to get early access to the game itself on Oct 15.

The price for Gold Edition is $99.99. It includes a few in-game items, four Specialists, four Battle Passes, and three Epic Skin Bundles.

On the other hand, the Ultimate Edition costs $120 and includes everything from Gold,

Midnight Ultimate Bundle, Digital Artbook, and a specially composed Digital Soundtrack.

The title will not only have a lot of great new content and features but also present some quality content from former games in the franchise.

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The gamers already know several things about the title but this beta will for sure reveal more surprises. Sources suggest that there would be two groups of beta participants to test the entire game.

The first group will test the multiplayer mode while the second group tests other parts of the game.

There can be more than two groups as we are not sure how many modes will Battlefield 2042 offer at the initial launch.

EA and DICE would soon make announcements if the news is soon. Some interesting information did come up post the frenzy. The Hazard Zone mode might be inspired by Escape from Tarkov.

Exasperated fans are lashing out on Twitter and it has turned into a meme hoopla. Several have made pictures showcasing epic scenes from Hollywood about two guys having an intense conversation.

The bad guy got shown as title promoter while the good guy holds tight, just blasting with aggression, ready to beat him up for creating such tensions.

Well, we don’t know what the future holds, but we can ensure that Battlefield 2042 will break many records on release.

Let us hope that the hype stands up to reality.

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