Back 4 Blood: How to play PVP mode (Definitive Guide)

Back 4 Blood playing versus PvP mode is the perfect thing for those players who always wanted to play the character of Talboy themselves. It’s you and your team against four other human players. You can start off either as a zombie or as a human while switching sides in regular intervals. Generally, playing versus PvP mode varies from the campaign mode.

Back 4 Blood Playing Versus PvP Mode Explained

In back 4 blood versus mode, if you chose Ridden (zombies), your sole task is to kill the Cleaners (human characters) immediately. If you are on the Cleaner’s side, your task is to stay alive as long as possible.

Every team comprises four players and the characters and roles are randomly assigned to you. But the roles will be reversed when another round begins. If you take on the role of the Cleaners in the first round, then you have to make sure that the new Cleaners don’t stay alive for a longer time than your team did. If they cannot beat you in the first round, then you win. The first team to win the round is the actual winner.

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How to take on the role of a Ridden in Back 4 Blood Versus Mode

If you choose to play as Ridden, the first and foremost thing you should do is choose the type of zombie which suits your character. Generally, there are three species of zombies to choose from and each one of them has three different sub-classes. Below mentioned are playable Ridden class in Back 4 Blood:


Stinger Back 4 Blood

Stinger is a four-armed creature. Can easily clutch to walls, jump over long-distance and even operate on a ranged projectile attack. 


Reeker Back 4 Blood

Muscled and slow in pace-ridden type which is specialized in suicide attacks. Reeker has a melee attack that can force a Cleaner to kill you up from the closest range. If a reeker gets exploded, he will explode and blind the vision of the nearby Cleaners.

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Tallboy Back 4 Blood

Slow creature but very lethal in close combat. Tallboy enormous creature has a very huge and powerful right-arm which he uses for knocking out the Cleaners. He can perform short forward bursts to get closer to his targets.

However, before playing as ridden, make sure that you have spent your mutation points on ridden upgrades which are important before the round starts. You can either upgrade one of the three mutation points or enhance the common infected.

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How to take on the role of a Cleaner in Back 4 Blood Versus Mode

In back 4 blood how to play PVP first you need to start with a Cleaner character, pick a human character firstly. Next, you pick a PvP card deck and select your desired card. This card teleports you to the versus mode.

This is the preparation mode for you. Utilize this mode to open crates, choose the best weapons, set up your defense base. Now you just have to stay alive in the game and kill as many zombies as possible.

Beware that the special infected are accompanied by the hordes. As the players usually go all in from the start and it should look out for the most.

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